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Types of Hearing Tests

If you are having trouble hearing, or exhibit symptoms of hearing loss (turning up the TV volume, asking people to repeat themselves, not having as many conversations on the phone), it’s important to have your hearing screened. Untreated hearing loss affects the rest of your body, and, if untreated for an extended period of time, your brain. If you have a hearing loss and do not take steps to help your hearing improve, you risk the possibility of losing your understanding of language and other important sounds.

At Concept, when you make an appointment to have your hearing screened, your level of hearing loss determines the types of hearing tests your hearing health will administer. We will give you a Tone Test, a Word Recognition Test, and, unlike many audiology clinics, we give a Speech in Noise Test.

Tone Test

In a sound booth, you will hear a series of tones at different sound levels and pitches. When you hear the sound, you will raise your hand to indicate to your expert that you have heard it.

Word Repeats

During the word recognition portion, you will hear a series of words you will be asked to repeat. This test will help us identify what type of hearing loss you are dealing with.

Speech in Noise

This is an important test because it tests how you hear in everyday situations. You will hear words spoken to you over background noise and asked to repeat them.

When you have your hearing screened, we recommend you bring a friend or family member along with you. When you bring someone you know, we’ll have that person help to administer the hearing tests, so you are listening to a familiar voice say words and phrases you may be hearing or missing every day. That person also helps to consume the information we’ll give you during your appointment.


Hearing screenings should be something you’re having done on a regular basis at and after the age of 50, as part of your annual healthcare regime. At Concept by Iowa Hearing Aid Centers, hearing screenings are always free, in all of our clinics. You can request a hearing screening appointment online, or call us at 800-792-9564 to set up your appointment today.

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