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Smart Hearing Aids Like LiNX on the rise at CES Vegas Tech Expo

Smart hearing aids, Smartwatches, fitness trackers and other gadgets with embedded sensors.    2015 is the year when “Back To The Future II” takes place.   Surprisingly, they got a few things right.  Wearables are one of them.

Wearables are a category of technology devices that can be worn by a consumer.   The Apple Watch was probably the biggest one heard in the news.   The buzz sparked other companies to follow suit by creating their own wearables.

However, many companies have been in the wearable business for years.  Hearing aid manufacturer Resound has been in wearables for decades before the hype of wearable technology.   ReSound was the first to develop the smart hearing aid called LiNX.    Most companies making wearables have a product is in search of a market.  ReSound wearables are in search of solving problems.

ReSound announced at the expo that they would be adding their LiNX smart hearing aid to Android platforms.  LiNX uses an app to control programming and volume features.   It was only available on iPhone until now…

“We were so pleased to introduce ReSound’s smart hearing aid technology to the Apple community earlier this year. And now, with an entirely new set of Android users having access to the same discreet and customized hearing experience, we’re making great headway toward our commitment to enhance accessibility for people with hearing loss,” said Kim Herman, President of ReSound U.S. 

ReSound adopted Android when it realized the potential to help people on a global scale:

“Compatibility with Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 will mean that our groundbreaking hearing aid technology can now be utilized by even more of the millions of people seeking new and better solutions to address their hearing loss.”

Concept has LiNX hearing aids at any clinic in Iowa.  Schedule an appointment with Concept to see how LiNX can benefit you.

Link:Smart Hearing Aids Like LiNX on the rise at CES Vegas Tech Expo

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