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What This Prince Did Will Shock You

(Above: Prince Philip as he honored recipients of the Victoria Cross and George Cross. Can you see what he’s wearing?)

Celebrities are often worried about concealing their health issues. Whether it’s baby-bumps like TV’s Kerry Washington or FDR’s wheelchair, those in the limelight like to keep their health concerns private.

Last week, Prince Philip was spotted at a Veteran’s event wearing hearing aids…but barely. The press reported that the only indication of Prince Philip’s hearing aid was the thinly veiled wire.

However, they also reported that the Duke [Philip] was in top form for the event. Philip was seen laughing, smiling, and engaging with various attendees. Insiders say that although Philip was only spotted wearing them just last week, he may have had them for some time.

It takes the average person over 10 years to address hearing loss upon the first signs. Those with hearing loss are concerned with appearing ‘old’ or being seen wearing a hearing aid.   Forget about those worries for a minute to consider this:

If a prince in the public eye can wear them, then there’s no reason you can’t. You probably aren’t having the paparazzi trouble of the royal family, so you’re safe from the new stories about your hearing loss. You may look at this article and see a red flag — Prince Philip’s hearing aid was fodder for a news story. But the real takeaway from this article is the following:

  • The press commented on how well Philip was communicating at the event.
  • The confidence exerted by the Prince, knowing full well he’s being photo’d.
  • How discrete hearing aids have become (Look at the photo above, how easily can you spot them?)

The sooner you start wearing hearing aids, the better your hearing and overall health will be. Who knows? They probably won’t write an article about your hearing aids at your next public outing but they definitely will notice your confidence and conversational attitude.


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