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You Can’t Beat the Sound Quality!

sound-wave-sound-qualityTom Harrelson stopped by Concept by Iowa Hearing Aid Centers’ booth at the 2015 Outdoor Living Show in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and spoke with our hearing health experts. Tom had hearing aids from Miracle Ear and wasn’t satisfied with the sound quality they offered. He wanted to learn more about Concept’s hearing aids so he tried on a demo pair of hearing aids, “I walked 15 or so feet away and could still hear very well,” he remembers.

That day, Concept was having a drawing to win a free pair of hearing aids.  “You never win anything at these sort of things,” he said, but Tom decided to try his luck and enter to win. “And wouldn’t you know, I won!” he said. Tom received his new hearing aids at our Cedar Rapids clinic. “The sound quality is significantly better than my other hearing aids. And better than that, the service is outstanding! Any adjustments or repairs that are needed are taken care of immediately.”

Tom was so pleased with his hearing aids that he went to the 2016 Outdoor Living Show, and helped our Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist, Heather Houk, spread the word about Concept. “I’d give Concept a 10+ on a scale of one to ten, and I just wanted to do something to give back,” Tom said. The hearing aids have made a big difference for Tom, “When you have hearing problems, vanity becomes a part of it. You don’t want to have to ask people to repeat themselves, and that [isolation] can make you depressed sometimes.” Now, when Tom visits his Masonic Lodge he can hear the conversations there so much better. Plus, Concept hearing aids are so small no one will notice you’re wearing them.

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