FDA Proved Wholesale OEM Mini CIC BTE Digital Bluetooth Rechargeable Hearing Aids Aid for the Deaf



The price of hearing aids range from 2.4USD to150USD, and producing Analog/ Digital/ Rechargeable/ Programmable/ Trimmer/
Waterproof/ Bluetooth/ Phone App Control types of them.
OEM Hearing Aid

JH-D26 Digital Hearing Aid

1.Noise Reduction
2.4 for Different Environment
3.Rechargeable Hearing Aid
4.Mini style & wear comfortably
5.Clear sound quality

JH-A17 Invisible Hearing Aid

1. Invisible CIC hearing aid.2. Balance armature loudspeaker.
3. Hot selling item.
4. More than 3 colors for options

G.Sound Buds

1. BLUETOOTH 5.0 for IOS & Android Phone2.Mini Rechargeable hearing aid.
3. Digital 4 program for different environment.
Receiver in the ear, reduce noise.
4.Touch-tone volume control
5. Portable charging case design
JH-A39 Rechargeable Hearing Aid
1.Rechargeable Hearing Aids
2.Invisible Mini Size
3..Latest technology wireless earbuds
4.Fashion design with high sound quality
5.Big button and obvious indicator light, magnetic contact for recharge