JH-A17 ite hearing aids with long life battery

  • ✔️EASY TO USE – Easily to turn on/off the device with the power switch, there is no battery compartment at all. Adjust volume easily with one finger, no tools needed. Simply put in on and enjoy clear conversation immediately.
  • ✔️CRISP SOUND – Advanced digital signal processing provides high quality natural sound and virtually no whistling. Being in the ear canal and with no transit loss, this amplifier provides the best possible sound quality.
  • ✔️IN THE E-A-R STYLE – This device is comfortable to use. It comes with 3 different sizes of domes to fit different ear sizes.


My doctor said to try with cheaper options on the market to make sure I really need it from a medical center. My husband has been telling me that I turned on the TV too loud, he can hear it from the backyard and my hearing is not as well. So I made an appointment with my kaiser hearing specialist and after a brief test, they said it is not as bad and I can get hearing aid or I can wait. A third option before I commit to the expensive hundred dollar pair is to to try cheaper models from amazon. This does make me hear better but I have decided to wait a few more years before getting a professional set.