JH-A610 mini rechargeable ITE hearing aids prevent feedback

1. In ear discovery without screech forestall criticism

Diminish hazard of hearing harm from screech, power on with location of setting in the ear channel, turn off once eliminated.

2、 Agreeable Fit

Culminated Ergonomics

About 3g Light weight Normally lay in your ear channels for a tight, secure fit during broadened use.

3、Big catch , Change Quiet

Up to 190° turn on change knob,easy activity

4. NTC Assurance

Consequently turn off when temperature comes to 40℃ for security

5. Simple to Charge

2 hours full charge allows you 12 hours of tuning in on one charge.

Re-energize rapidly for to multiple times and keeps you tuning in as long as a day and a half.

(Note: Tests directed in JINGHAO lab, results may change as per use.)



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