JH-D16 Dolphin Hearing Aid 4 modes Personal Sound Amplifier



  • Adaptive Noise Reduction
  • Acoustic Feedback Cancellation
  • Rocker Switch
  • WDRC (Wide Dynamic Range Compression)
  • Powerful and easy to use adjustable volume boost
  • Discreet, comfortable design
  • Gives you a tactical advantage in the field
  • Helps you hear better in a noisy room
  • Lets you enjoy TV at the right volume for everyone

ADVANCED BUT SIMPLE: Four Program Sound Aid Also Equipped With A Volume Rocker For Micro Adjustments.
DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: Sleek Behind The Ear BTE, Durable And Light Weight Design With Three Available Dome Sizes With Thin Tube For Discretion. Equipped With Assistive Digital Circuitry Which Allows For A Clear Sound With Minimal Distortion. Preset With A Noise Reduction Program For Difficult Listening Environments. Listen Well Again In Crowds. Amplified Hearing Doesn’t HAVE To Be Difficult.
GIVE THE GIFT OF HEARING: Our Personal Sound Amplifier Product PSAP Is Meticulously Wrapped. A Great Gift For Adults, Seniors And Elderly Who May Be Looking For An Enhancement In Their Hearing. Our OTC Amplifiers Are Great For TV

4 Preset Programs

D16 Personal Sound Amplifier offers 4 preset configurations that are easily adjustable with the touch of a finger.
Normal Setting – Regular listening
Noisy Setting – Reduces background noise (restaurant, supermarket, gym, etc)
Indoor Setting – Decreases low audio frequencies (home, meeting, etc)
Outdoor Setting – Decreases high & low audio frequencies (whistling, feedback, windy day, etc)


The D16 Personal Sound Amplifier Digital Hearing Aid is a miniature over-the-ear hearing aid offered exclusively by Jinghao. It features a comfortable, open-air design, and securely provides quality sound amplification with minimal feedback or whistling. An easy-to-use push-button control helps deliver optimum audio clarity in any sound environment, for better hearing every time. Plus, this versatile over-the-ear hearing aid won’t interfere with your glasses. You’ll enjoy all-day hearing comfort without hassle. The Simplicity Premier features the same technology and quality as hearing aids sold by hearing professionals.

Hearing loss is a very personal and costly condition. Often, the person with hearing loss is the last to acknowledge their struggles. General Hearing Instruments has a solution to help consumers with mild to moderate high-frequency loss. As the market leader, we offer an affordable line of 100% digital and analog products of both In the Ear (ITE) and Over the Ear (OTE) hearing aids.

Our hearing aids are so discreet and lightweight, you will forget you are wearing them. We manufacture our ReadyWear hearing aids to the exact same specifications as the custom-molded products we offer to Audiologists, except we are able to save you thousands of dollars. We stand behind our products with a policy that is top in the industry: 90 days, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee, with no restocking fee or fitting fee.

Our goal is to assist you with your hearing loss so you have the confidence to interact once again with family, friends, and colleagues without missing a single word of the conversation. Buy one for yourself or someone you love. General Hearing Instruments is proud to offer the Simplicity Premier Hearing Aid–the perfect choice for those who are experiencing difficulty hearing in most everyday listening environments. Its advanced technology incorporates sophisticated, 100% digital circuitry with multi-memory selection to optimize sound clarity.

Use the Simplicity Smart Touch hearing aid at home, work, theater, church, or wherever you have difficulty understanding conversations. The ultra-thin poly tube and soft, comfortable open dome provide a secure fit while accentuating superior sound quality. This comfortable fit is ideal for both men and women. The open design eliminates the plugged up feeling you may experience with other hearing aids and the sophisticated circuitry eliminates annoying feedback. The Simplicity Premier hearing aid is so comfortable, you might forget you are wearing it. Your friends and family won’t know you are wearing a hearing aid, but you will definitely notice the results.

The Simplicity Premier hearing aid device is built with industry-standard components. You’ll enjoy the same standards of hearing aid excellence as those sold by hearing professionals.

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