Can I wear a hearing aid in sports

Sports is an indispensable part of our life. Sports can strengthen our body, improve our mental health and enrich our social, cultural and recreational life. So for those patients with hearing loss, can we wear hearing aids during the sports? In fact, it depends on the sports. In most sports, we can wear hearing aids […]

Characteristics of senile deafness

Otologists often diagnose senile deafness in the elderly, with binaural symmetry and progressive sensorineural deafness. However, the elderly do not necessarily have problems with the aging of the auditory system. Therefore, not all elderly people suffer from senile deafness. On the contrary, there are middle-aged people and even young people who are beginning to age […]

What to do if the elderly wear a hearing aid

Due to the pathological and physiological characteristics of senile deafness and the limitations of electroacoustic performance of hearing aids, these aspects seriously affect the hearing aid effect, which makes the elderly have a certain gap between the economic input of hearing aids and the return of hearing aids. It is difficult to meet the hearing […]

Protect the hearing of the elderly

First: avoid noise If people are exposed to noise for a long time, it will make the hearing of the beginning of the recession easier. The tiny blood vessels in the inner ear are often in a state of paralysis, the blood supply to the inner ear is insufficient, the hearing will rapidly decrease, and […]

Older people are suitable for hearing aids with both ears

After recognizing the necessity and importance of bilateral hearing aids, research and practice have shown that there are obvious advantages on both sides compared with single-sided hearing aids. Experts recommend that hearing aids should be worn on both sides as long as conditions permit. This is especially important for the elderly because senile deafness patients […]

The hazards of deafness in the elderly

Older people do not have good hearing, and they should wear hearing aids in time. Otherwise, hearing will be worse or worse and lead to deafness. Because of the aging of the body, the shrinking of the cochlear hair cells, the deterioration of the hearing center, and so on, the hearing is declining and even […]

Does the elderly with hearing aids affect residual hearing?

Although senile deafness is an irreversible degenerative disease, there is no specific drug treatment, but consciously exercise more listening, it is still conducive to hearing improvement. The elderly in the back of the ear should make the best use of residual hearing to compensate for the hearing loss caused by senile deafness. Older people with […]

Misunderstanding of hearing rehabilitation in the elderly

The seven misunderstandings that hinder the hearing rehabilitation of the elderly are: Misunderstanding 1: It is believed that poor hearing is caused by aging, normal phenomenon; In fact: 1. Hearing loss, timely hearing test, clear diagnosis; 2. Reasonable choice of hearing aids and scientific fitting, the earlier the wearing of hearing aids, the better the […]

Senile hearing loss must be worn in senile deafness

The most effective and feasible way to improve hearing in older hearing-impaired patients is to wear appropriate hearing aids. However, many people’s knowledge is limited in the problem of not wearing a hearing aid. Studies have shown that after the age of 40, people are prone to senile deafness due to the aging and atrophy […]

Wearing hearing aids can improve the quality of life of the elderly

Current situation of hearing loss among the elderly According to statistics from relevant departments, the number of people with hearing disabilities in China currently ranks first among all types of disabled persons. 60 years old and above account for 13.26% of the total population. About 11% of these people have different levels of hearing loss, […]

Will you be deaf when you are older?

When the age is up, there will be various changes in the physiology, so there are many morphological words used to “describe” the elderly: the head of the child (describes hair loss and tooth loss), the deafness of the eyes (describes the old age and the presbyopia). If there are symptoms such as brain atrophy, […]

Old hearing aid selection misunderstanding

In so many years of matching work, I found that many elderly friends have the following misunderstandings about the selection of elderly hearing aids: First, worry that wearing a hearing aid will increase deafness. This is what everyone is most worried about and the most frequently asked questions. At this point, you can rest assured […]

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