How to clean your hearing technology

cleaning hearing technology

As washing our hands and covering out mouths become more important by the day, it’s also important to remember to clean our hearing technology, especially if other people are coming into contact with them. Hearing aid boots, hearing aid accessories like the Phonak Roger Pen, and other shared microphones can also pick up germs, which … Read more

Hearing aids easy care guide

Hearing aids are precision instruments. Basically, we recommend maintenance at a retailer, but there is also some care you can do at home. Here we will introduce how to care for each type of hearing aid. Hearing aid storage Moisture is a great enemy for hearing aids. When not in use, “remove batteries” and store … Read more

Hearing Amplifiers Are as Good as Hearing Aids – Here’s Why

The difference between personal hearing amplifiers and hearing aids are important. Patients receive hearing aids specially programmed for them. This is based on the patient’s hearing test (audiogram). A sound amplifier, on the other hand, can’t do this.  Both are wearable sound-amplifying devices that look alike with similar advanced technology. Differences Between Hearing Aids and … Read more

Hearing aids for profound hearing loss

Contributed by Temma Ehrenfeld April 8, 2019 When Roger Draper was about 10 years old, a dose of antibiotics damaged his hearing. At first his mother couldn’t take in the sad news. “She would say, ‘Roger, do the dishes,’ and when I didn’t respond, she’d accuse me of ignoring her,” he recalls. Roger Draper Draper, … Read more

5 Cheap Hearing Amplifiers That Work Well

Various new brands and models of cheap hearing amplifiers surface in the market by the day. And making the right choice from the overwhelming number of options is more than challenging. This post discusses all you need to know about cheap hearing amplifiers and features a review of some of the best options available to … Read more

New hearing aid technology

A hearing aid and a smartphone, held by a man.

Hearing aid technology can be either advanced or basic and is rapidly improving to benefit wearers more than ever before. Hearing aid technology has improved a lot over the past few decades, but at their core, hearing aids have always been made of four basic parts: a microphone, a processor, a receiver and a power … Read more

Can I wear a hearing aid in sports

Sports is an indispensable part of our life. Sports can strengthen our body, improve our mental health and enrich our social, cultural and recreational life. So for those patients with hearing loss, can we wear hearing aids during the sports? In fact, it depends on the sports. In most sports, we can wear hearing aids … Read more

Characteristics of senile deafness

Otologists often diagnose senile deafness in the elderly, with binaural symmetry and progressive sensorineural deafness. However, the elderly do not necessarily have problems with the aging of the auditory system. Therefore, not all elderly people suffer from senile deafness. On the contrary, there are middle-aged people and even young people who are beginning to age … Read more