How to create metal no touch door opener

no touch door opener is hanging on a decorative item. Choosing a keychain with your favorite key not only reflects your personal mood and personality, but also shows your taste and brings you a happy mood. no touch door opener is a general term for neck jewelry. In fact, there are various types of ornaments […]


5 Cheap Hearing Amplifiers That Work Well

Various new brands and models of cheap hearing amplifiers surface in the market by the day. And making the right choice from the overwhelming number of options is more than challenging. This post discusses all you need to know about cheap hearing amplifiers and features a review of some of the best options available to […]

Hearing Amplifiers Are as Good as Hearing Aids – Here’s Why

The difference between personal hearing amplifiers and hearing aids are important. Patients receive hearing aids specially programmed for them. This is based on the patient’s hearing test (audiogram). A sound amplifier, on the other hand, can’t do this.  Both are wearable sound-amplifying devices that look alike with similar advanced technology. Differences Between Hearing Aids and […]

7 Tips for Audiologists Responding to the COVID-19 Health Emergency

7 Tips for Audiologists Responding to the COVID-19 Health Emergency

By Kim Cavitt, AuD The COVID-19 virus is having a profound impact on the daily lives of all Americans, especially audiologists who serve a large senior population and/or who live or work in a heavily affected community or geographic area. Here are seven tips for audiologists in this uncertain time. 1) Stay Educated First, audiologists […]

What Otolaryngologists Need to Know About OTC Hearing Aids

The prevalence of hearing loss nearly doubles with every decade of life, such that nearly two-thirds of adults 70 years of age or older have hearing loss (Arch Intern Med. 2011;171:1851–1852). However, fewer than one in five hearing-impaired adults report hearing aid use (Arch Intern Med. 2012;172:292–293). This disparity recently prompted numerous national organizations, including […]

OTC Hearing Aids Balancing Safety and Accessibility

Johnson, Earl E. AuD, PhD The Hearing Journal:  January 2018 – Volume 71 – Issue 1 – p 34 There has been a recent push for more electronic sound amplifiers to provide affordable and accessible options that meet the needs of a large swath of people with hearing loss, particularly aging adults. These devices are […]

AAA 2020 + HearTECH Expo Welcome to our booth

April 1-4, 2020 • New Orleans, LA • Creating the Future Together AAA 2020Jinghao Medical Booth No.:1119Address: New Orleans, LATime: 1-4th, April Welcome to our booth! [Music] this is going to be one of the most amazing shows ever New Orleans is going to take it up another notch great city great food everything’s really […]

Hearing aids fitting for baby and children

The fitting of children’s hearing aids is very different from that of adults, because the acoustic characteristics of children’s ears are different from those of adults, and children are at the stage of growth and development, which is also a critical stage of speech and language development. Significant impact. Because children often cannot cooperate to […]

Hearing Aid Fitting Selection Procedure and 11 Steps

In the selection of hearing aids, in addition to considering the details of the patient’s hearing loss, hearing aid performance and other details, the routine steps need to be followed to complete the selection. Step 1. Medical history collection Medical history collection includes the following:â‘  Understand the biggest confusion and obstacles brought by the patient’s […]

TV shopping hearing aids

Shopping channels (also known in British English as teleshopping) are a type of television program or specialty channel devoted to home shopping. Their formats typically feature live presentations and demonstrations of products, hosted by on-air presenters and other spokespeople who provide a sales pitch for the product. Viewers are also instructed on how they can […]

Hearing aids device

Other types of hearing aids device In addition to the types of hearing aids mentioned above, there are other types of hearing aids that are suitable for hearing loss in special cases. Compared to air-guided hearing aids, they compensate for hearing in other ways. This section simply addresses these typesHearing aids are introduced. Hearing aids […]

2020 Best Medical Device Manufacturer & Supplier in Alibaba

2020 Best Medical Device Manufacturer & Supplier in Alibaba 1. Huizhou Jinghao Medical Technology CO., LTD. Huizhou Jinghao Medical Technology CO., LTD. is the sole listed hearing aids/ hearing amplifier manufacturer in China, be famous for provide good quality and good price hearing aids/hearing amplifier.We passed BSCI, ISO13485, ISO9001, C-TPAT, SQP ,CVS HEALTH  etc […]

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