The most complete classification of polymer materials in history

machining uhmw/uhmw machining/machining uhmw plastic

Macromolecular materials, also called polymer materials, are materials composed of macromolecular compounds as the matrix and with other additives (auxiliary agents). Polymer material classification 1. Classification by source Polymer materials are classified into natural polymer materials and synthetic polymer materials according to their sources. Natural macromolecules are macromolecule substances that exist in animals, plants and … Read more

Mini Fiber Laser Makring Buying Guide

Small business owners like jewelry store owners, small souvenir businesses, and the likes, often wonder how their products can be marked without having to spend so much or even clearing out a good amount of space to occupy any equipment. Buying the mini fiber laser machine is simply the solution, although the mini fiber laser … Read more

A Swiss company processes ashes into artificial diamonds

According to US media reports, Swiss-based Algordanza can process the deceased’s ashes into artificial diamonds. “Algordanza” means “commemorative” in the local Romansh language. The company has been making ashes and diamonds since 2008. Many people make the ashes of their loved ones and loved ones into artificial diamonds and let it accompany themselves every day. … Read more

Swiss Machining Vs German Manufacturing

Why are Swiss watches the best products in the world? Because there is no such thing as “casual” in the minds of the Swiss, the accuracy, completeness, harmony, durability, practicality, and aesthetics of the design are particularly important. When dealing with every work detail, they will think that God is watching him, as if every … Read more

How to create metal no touch door opener

no touch door opener is hanging on a decorative item. Choosing a keychain with your favorite key not only reflects your personal mood and personality, but also shows your taste and brings you a happy mood. no touch door opener is a general term for neck jewelry. In fact, there are various types of ornaments … Read more

Matters needing attention when opening the injection mold

Before opening the injection mold, we must first determine the product requirements. For example, what materials are used? Which supplier did it supply? Different suppliers of the same material will shrink differently. What are the requirements for parting lines? What are the requirements for the appearance? Do you want to etch lines? Or polishing? If … Read more

Optimizing Machining Parameters of Compound Machining of Inconel718

The compound machining (CM) compounded with electrical discharge machining (EDM) and arc machining is a novel approach to process difficult-to-machine materials especially for the aerospace materials such as Inconel 718. An exciting material removal rate (MRR) and a small diameter of overcut (DOC) can be received in this approach. A suitable selection of machining parameters … Read more


DELIVERING GREATER VALUE FOR COMMERCIAL PARTS AND COMPONENTS At PTJ Shop, we bring together the experience, capabilities, and service that make us a provider of choice when customers require commercial and industrial fabrications with a diverse range of specifications, sizes, and finishes. This versatility allows us to be the provider our customers have needed for … Read more

Mechanics of Titanium Machining

Titanium is widely used material in advanced industrial applications such as in aeronautics and power generation systems because of the distinguished properties such as high strength and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures. On the other hand, the machinability of this material is poor. Relatively low thermal conductivity of machining titanium contributes to rapid tool wear, … Read more

Choose sipxmach to be your quality deep drawing supplier, will not wrong

Deep drawing parts

What are the advantages of deep drawing? Deep drawing has many advantages over general stamping, machining, casting and injection molding. Sipxmach can help you reverse optimize existing parts by simplifying the design structure and simplifying parts that integrate multiple parts into a single stretch, thus reducing cost, waste, equipment costs, and time, and optimizing the structure … Read more

16 tips(about stamping) to help you save millions of dollars

Save your stamping cost

16 tips to help you save millions of dollars Established stamping suppliers provide you with stamping cost reduction guide Sipxmach, a professional stamping die and stamping manufacturer in China, introduces 16 ideas to reduce the cost of stamping parts from various aspects, including material selection, stamping part design, tooling, procurement and supplier management. I hope I … Read more