Powerex PM100RSD120 #PM100RSD120 Powerex PM100RSD120 New Power Driver Module IGBT 3 Phase 1200V 100A Module , PM100RSD120 pictures, PM100RSD120 price, #PM100RSD120 supplier ——————————————————————- Email: sales@shunlongwei.com https://www.slw-ele.com/pm100rsd120.html ——————————————————————- PM100RSD120 Description Intellimod Module Three Phase Brake IGBT Inverter Output (100 Amperes/1200 Volts) Power Driver Module IGBT 3 Phase 1200V 100A Module

#MG150Q2YS1 Toshiba MG150Q2YS1 New 150A/1200V/IGBT/2U, MG150Q2YS1 pictures, MG150Q2YS1 price, #MG150Q2YS1 supplier — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — – MG150Q2YS1 Description MG150Q2YS1 GTR Module: Silicon N-Channel IGBT; 150 Amp; 1200 Volt. 150A/1200V/IGBT/2U N CHANNEL IGBT (HIGH POWER SWITCHING / MOTOR … Read more

Electronic Component Parts Electronic components Parts are the basic elements in electronic circuits, usually individual packages, and have two or more leads or metal contacts. Electronic components must be connected to each other to form an electronic circuit with specific functions, such as amplifiers, radio receivers, oscillators, etc. One of the common ways to connect … Read more

Dialog’s New SPI NOR Flash: The Holy Grail of Low-power Memory?

Releasing in the second quarter of 2021, Dialog Semiconductor has developed new serial NOR 1 Mbit and 2 Mbit Flash memory configurations, which for power-conscious and space-constrained devices.   The new AT25EU NOR Flash is designed for low-power IoT devices.  Image used courtesy of   As usual, when a device is claiming the lowest power and … Read more

For the Love of an MCU: STMicroelectronics Wraps Up STM32 Summit 2021 in China

Hardware, maybe more than any other tech space, has the ability to be extremely polarizing, with brand favoritism being a continuous debate. Be it Arm vs. x86, Raspberry Pi vs. Arduino, or PC vs. Mac, people in the hardware space tend to choose favorites and defend their side fervently.    <img src="https://www.ele-instock.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/20210430_608ba44d89e64.jpg" style="border:1px solid rgb(205, … Read more

For the First Time, Xilinx Breaks Into the System-on-Module (SOM) Market

When developing hardware systems for artificial intelligence applications, one of the most crucial considerations is time to market. It’s for this reason that many companies choose to use FPGAs over ASICs; FGPAs offer quicker time to market, more flexibility, and the ability to easily iterate on a design.  Yet, FGPAs aren’t a perfect solution either, requiring … Read more

Tech Giants Enter Their Chips in the Race for Self-driving Cars

ADAS and other autonomous driving technologies can apply automatic braking, park your car, adapt cruise control to road conditions, monitor blind spots, watch out for pedestrians, and more. These advanced functions are the result of innovations in embedded technology and chip design.  To achieve the very best in this technology, however, chips must be designed specifically for … Read more

Will Google’s Soli Radar Chip Revitalize Consumer Sleep Technology?

Most people spend about 25% to 33% of their lifetime sleeping. Since sleep quality strongly correlates with productivity, mood, and hygiene, sleep technology—specifically wearables—has a booming market presence.    Different types of sleep monitoring technology. Image used courtesy of   In contrast to , , wearable sleep technology falls under the category of consumer sleep technology (CST). … Read more

DARPA Bounties 500 Hackers After Computer Chip—And the Chip Wins

that has defeated more than 500 hackers during a three-month bug bounty effort. DARPA partnered with the Department of Defense’s Defense Digital Service (DDS) and Synack, a crowdsourced security platform, to run this bug bounty program.  Tens of thousands of dollars were offered to anyone who could analyze and break into the chip dubbed “MORPHEUS.” However, the … Read more

Related metal intense light cutting pipe machine processing special points

Intense light-cutting tube material processing, multi-person possible and immature, but other-use multi-metal manufacturing props. metal gekikou cutting tube desk, one type of die casting china, one type, one type of pipe material, advanced intelligent cutting equipment, automatic control system, possible high-grade activity (various types of cutting), high precision, multi-directional cutting Effectiveness.

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Texas Power Outages Illustrate the State’s Importance to the Semi Industry

since Texas Instruments formed in Dallas back in 1951. While the majority of Texas’ semiconductor production occurs in Austin—IBM, Cypress, Samsung, NXP, AMD, and Inter are just a few manufacturers with a presence here—production has also taken place in parts of Dallas and the midland areas.  In the last year alone, several big-name tech firms and venture … Read more

Retrofits and Stopgaps: Intel Releases Rocket Lake-S Chips

Recently, Inter has , led by the .  According to Inter, the chips can reach speeds of up to 5.3 GHz and deliver a 19% headline-rate gain over the previous generation.    <img src="https://www.ele-instock.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/20210428_60894063f1d60.jpg" style="border:1px solid rgb(205, 205, 205); height:391px; width:700px" alt="Retrofits and Stopgaps: Inter Releases Rocket Lake-S Chips” /> Inter's new Rocket Lake-S processor. … Read more