Material requirements for precision parts machining

Material requirements for dense parts machining: not all materials can be precisely processed for precision parts advance cnc machining. Some materials are too hard to exceed the hardness of the processed parts, and the parts may collapse, so these materials are not suitable for precision Machined, unless it is a machine part made of special […]

Analysis of a series of functions of heat sink machining

Today, let’s learn about the various functions of heat sink machining. The heat sink machining structure is reasonable, and the designed stamping parts must be simple in shape and reasonable in structure, so as to simplify the mold structure and simplify the machining uhmw plastic quantity, that is, use less and simple stamping to complete […]

Plastic mold manufacturers cannot attract customers based on price alone

Plastic mold manufacturing companies can only drive development if they are profitable. What kind of plastic mold manufacturer custom pancake dies can forge ahead for long-term development? PTJ believes that only by having enough profit, the quality of the shots, and being satisfied with these two points can it maintain the operation of a factory. […]

Annealing of pure beryllium copper

What is the purpose of beryllium copper annealing? Let’s first understand what annealing is called. The so-called annealing is a metal heat treatment process, which refers to slowly heating the metal to a certain temperature, keeping it for sufficient time, and then cooling it at an appropriate speed. The purpose is to reduce hardness, improve […]

Mini Fiber Laser Makring Buying Guide

Small business owners like jewelry store owners, small souvenir businesses, and the likes, often wonder how their products can be marked without having to spend so much or even clearing out a good amount of space to occupy any equipment. Buying the mini fiber laser machine is simply the solution, although the mini fiber laser […]

Diagram of the ear

Types of Hearing Loss

A hearing loss can happen when any part of the ear or auditory (hearing) system is not working in the usual way. Outer EarThe outer ear is made up of: the part we see on the sides of our heads, known as pinna the ear canal the eardrum, sometimes called the tympanic membrane, which separates […]

what is hearing loss

Hearing loss is defined as diminished acuity to sounds which would otherwise be heard normally.The terms hearing impaired or hard of hearing are usually reserved for people who have relative inability to hear sound in the speech frequencies. The severity of hearing loss is categorized according to the increase in intensity of sound above the […]

Over-the-Counter Hearing AidsThe Path Forward

Untreated hearing loss is a major health problem in the United States, particularly for older Americans. Approximately 48 million Americans, including half of those in their 70s, have hearing loss in at least 1 ear.1 The risk of hearing loss in older adults is about 10 to 20 times higher than the risk of heart […]

Hearing Loss and Dementia: The Silent Connection

Hearing loss and dementia are more common as you get older. The latest research shows that’s no coincidence. The two are linked. Scientists are finding more and more evidence that trouble with hearing makes you more likely to go on to have dementia, a condition marked by memory loss and trouble with thinking, problem-solving, and […]

American Cochlear Implant Alliance (ACI Alliance) Awarded Grant to Evaluate Cost Effectiveness of Early Identification and Intervention: Impact of Pediatric Cochlear Implantation

August 14, 2020 WHAT: American Cochlear Implant Alliance was awarded a grant by Oberkotter Foundation to update the seminal Project HOPE study published in 2000 by Mohr et al. This work has been a central component of public policy discussions on pediatric deafness for two decades. ACI Alliance Board of Directors Chair Meredith Holcomb AuD […]

2020 Best OTC hearing aids Alibaba online live exhibition – Jinghao Medical David & Alice.

HUIZHOU JINGHAO MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY focuses on the development of high-precision technology based on the hearing aid industry. In the past 10 years, Jinghao has continued to innovate and mastered advanced hearing aid manufacturing technology. With its outstanding quality and high-quality after-sales service, it has increasingly occupied an important position in the fiercely competitive foreign market, […]

CNC machining center and its advantages and disadvantages

The CNC machining center is actually a CNC milling machine. It is called a “CNC machining center” in Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. It is an automated machine tool equipped with a program control system. , (Numerical Control Machine Tool) is the abbreviation of CNC (Computer numerical control), which is an automatic cnc machine price […]

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