Hearing aids easy care guide

Hearing aids are precision instruments. Basically, we recommend maintenance at a retailer, but there is also some care you can do at home. Here we will introduce how to care for each type of hearing aid. Hearing aid storage Moisture is a great enemy for hearing aids. When not in use, “remove batteries” and store […]

Advanced Hearing Aids

Advanced Hearing Aids Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Introduction If you have some hearing problems, you definitely need assistance as regards the way forwards. Your visit to this particular site is truly the first step in the right direction. We are going to exhaust the subject matter of advanced hearing aids in several ways. These include reviewing the top ten gadgets of those […]

Hearing aids lower the chance of dementia, depression, and falling

A new study finds that hearing devices benefit older adults in multiple ways, from physical safety to brain health. Almost 1 in 4 people in the United States aged 65–74 have disabling hearing loss. In people over 75, the figure is 1 in 2. Nonetheless, many people who would benefit from wearing a hearing aid do not wear […]

5 tips for teaching a deaf child to swim

Swimming is a fun and vital skill to have in life. Whether you’re on a beach holiday, hanging out at a local pool or fishing alongside a river, knowing how to swim gives you the ability to fully enjoy a hot, summer day, as well as keep you safe. I’m not just saying this because […]

AAA 2020 + HearTECH Expo Welcome to our booth

April 1-4, 2020 • New Orleans, LA • Creating the Future Together AAA 2020Jinghao Medical Booth No.:1119Address: New Orleans, LATime: 1-4th, April Welcome to our booth! [Music] this is going to be one of the most amazing shows ever New Orleans is going to take it up another notch great city great food everything’s really […]

Preparing for OTC Hearing Aids

Staff Standpoint | July 2019 Hearing Review By Karl E. Strom Unless you’ve been locked in your soundbooth for the past three years, you’re probably well aware that a new class of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids will get the green light from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sometime around August 2020, with the notice […]

Interpretation of the FDA OTC hearing aids law-what is the future of OTC hearing aids?

Recently, the “2019 New Audiovisual Hearing Industry Summit”, sponsored by the Beijing Science and Technology Association and co-organized by the Hearing Services Industry Committee, successfully concluded in Suzhou. A total of more than 200 hearing aid fitters, store operators, managers of domestic and foreign manufacturers and distributors from all over the country attended the conference. […]

6 Wonderful Ways to Care for Your Hearing This Autumn

6 Wonderful Ways to Care for Your Hearing This Autumn Autumn is here. For many people, autumn comes with a sigh of relief. The weather is a bit cooler. The annoying flies are gone. It’s time to wear your favourite jackets and cozy sweater. Everyone is thinking about Easter Holidays. With so many things to […]

fba tools

Best Amazon FBA Course for FBA Sellers Selling on Amazon FBA can be accomplished through a variety of means. But the most crucial of all is knowing what to sell off and the way to promote it. This might look like a simple job to tackle but in fact, it’s not. You need proper guidance […]

fba tools

Best Amazon FBA Course for FBA Sellers Selling on Amazon FBA can be done via various means. Even so the most important of all is knowing what to offer and the way to sell it. This may seem like a fairly easy job to deal with but in fact, it is not. You need proper […]


耳聋是一件非常痛苦的事情,听不见,听不清这个世界的声音,对于我们这些听力正常的人而言是无法体会到的,虽然现在有了助听器,但是助听器也不是万能的,听损患者佩戴助听器后与我们聊天时,也不一定可以听的很清楚。          其实我们在与佩戴助听器的听损患者沟通的时候,注意一些细节上面的问题是可以让双方的沟通更加顺畅的。          我们在交流的时候尽量缩短交流的距离,最好是面对面,别隔一堵墙在那边讲,助听器能听到的距离范围,最佳的是在1.5米到2米之间,超过3米之后,你们交流起来的流畅度就会大打折扣了。          讲话的时候不要背对着,就像我前面说的最好是面对面,有些时候,哪怕听损患者没有听清楚你在说什么,也是可以通过看你的嘴唇,通过读唇语来判断你所说的话的。          讲话的音量适中即可,不要一昧的觉得听损患者配了助听器后还是听不见的,从而加大声音,其实不少有重振现象的耳聋患者恰恰更讨厌大声,所以讲话的时候声音适中即可,如果对方说不太听得见的,那么这时候你再加大音量。          如果在交流过程中,你讲了两遍对方还是没有听明白的,你不妨可以试试看换种表达方式,有些听损患者很可能是对某些字或者某些词听不懂,你换个意思来表达说不定就能听明白了。          说话的时候语速很重要,讲话请讲普通话,很多时候,别说那些耳聋的听损患者,就算正常听力的人,在听别人讲话的时候,对方操着一口不标准的普通话,再加上那种可以媲美华少的语速,你听得懂吗?关键人家华少讲的清楚,他讲的还这么糊,完全听不懂,所以,我们在于佩戴助听器的患者沟通时,尽量把语速放慢一点,讲话的时候慢一点不要紧的,关键是要讲的清楚,这样才能让患者更容易理解你所说的话。


 游泳是我们很多人都非常喜欢的一项运动,但实际上游泳发生意外的风险还是蛮大的,那么你听说过游泳后耳朵就聋了这种事情吗?          你别说,还真有这事,游泳后耳朵就聋了是什么原因呢,为什么会发生这种事情呢?          其实游泳导致耳聋基本上就两个原因:一是发炎导致的,二是耵聍导致的。          先说发炎,这个其实还是比较常见的,就是因为在游泳的过程中外耳道进水后感染导致中耳炎的发生。游泳的时候耳朵进水是很常见的现象,你肯定会有这种经历,夏天去游泳,在水下翻了个身,结果耳朵进水了感觉闷闷的。                  耳道内进了不干净的水就是会导致发炎,鼓膜穿孔的。泳池内的水是非常脏的,据加拿大阿尔伯塔大学一教授团队检测了87个泳池水样,他们得出了一个结论:一个游泳池平均含尿量约75升,大概有140瓶矿泉水那么多!          在一项调查中,有19%的人坦陈自己曾在游泳池里撒尿,至于剩下的人。。。我相信他们清楚自己尿没尿。所以去游泳的时候一定要戴耳塞,防止耳道进水。          其次是耵聍,耵聍为什么会导致耳聋呢?其实是泡的,没错,你没看错 ,是因为耵聍被水泡胀后,堵住了外耳道导致了听力下降,不过大家也别太慌,这种现象还是比较少见的,正常人的耵聍不会多到被水泡一下就堵住耳道的。          我们挖耳屎的次数不要过多,一到两个月能有一次就好了,少量的耳屎反而有保护耳道,鼓膜和听力的作用的。

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