The hearing aid industry needs to face many new changes, from the emergence of custom-made machines and the popularity of wireless functions, to the enthusiasm of companies in other industries for this industry, such as Apple ’s mobile phone with similar hearing aid functions.

At present, for traditional hearing aid companies, the emergence of OTC (off-the-ground hearing aids) should be the biggest change.

Things have changed since 2017, when the FDA approved the sale of OTC hearing aids.

OTC hearing aids are mainly used for patients with moderate to mild hearing loss, and the price and convenience should be cheaper and more convenient than traditional hearing aid fitting.

After two or three years, we can clearly feel that the core technology of OTC hearing aids is constantly improving. At present, in most aspects, it is comparable to some advanced hearing aids, and it is also safe and reliable.

However, OTC hearing aids are mainly targeted at people with mild to moderate hearing loss, not those with a high rate of wear. In this respect, the advanced hearing aids that have been professionally fitted have obvious advantages.

According to reports, the FDA’s OTC agreement originally scheduled to be released to the public in November 2019 or postponed to the first quarter of 2020. The rules of the bill still have many disputes. Many audiologists worry that some companies with a large user base, such as Apple and Bose, will severely change the ecology of the light and moderate hearing industry after the introduction of such rules. .

According to industry estimates, the final bill rules should be relatively cautious.

With the continuous improvement and optimization of artificial intelligence, and its application to hearing aids, we should be filled with a beautiful fantasy of the future of hearing aids. The continuous improvement of hearing aid technology and the increase of social requirements for hearing workers will make this industry continue to flourish.

OTC hearing aids are a new node in the history of hearing aids. It is a new opportunity and a major challenge.