How Personal Sound Amplifiers and Hearing Aids Work

Personal sound amplifiers are devices you place into your ears to amplify sounds. These auditory tools are designed for people with NORMAL hearing who need to amplify sounds when they’re in certain situations. For example, a hunter might wear a sound amplifier to hear subtle sounds of movement when out in nature.

How do personal sound amplifiers differ from hearing aids? Sound amplifiers make ALL sounds louder, unlike a hearing aid, which can differentiate between sounds and amplify them based on the characteristics of that sound. Hearing aids are programmed to make speech easier to hear and decipher. Plus, an audiologist can make adjustments to the hearing aid to optimize your ability to hear. You get the benefit of “customization.”

Some people are attracted to personal sound amplifiers because they’re less expensive than a hearing aid, but they’re not meant to be a replacement for one. Hearing aids are custom fitted to your ear to ensure that it feels comfortable when you wear it, while personal sound amplifiers are “one size fits all.”