How do we prevent noise deafness in life?

The possibility of suffering from noise deafness in your life can be said to be getting louder and louder, and today you can find out how to prevent noise deafness.

The best and most recognized and effective method at the moment is to leave the noise source.

Whether those who like to goKTVThe teenagers in the bar, or the aunts who like to dance in the square dance, want to prevent noise deafness, we have to stay away from these places.

KTV, the noise of these places in the bar can be as high as95To105Decibels may not feel anything, but some of the relatively sensitive ears of the ear, in those environments, will naturally feel earache or other adverse reactions.

At the same time, there are also cutting machines used for decoration, drills, and the noise is very noisy. I believe most people have experienced it. When your neighbors are decorating the house, those deafening sounds run directly through you. Head, this time I suggest you wear a noise-cancelling earphone, which can effectively prevent noise.

Therefore, many problems are solved from the source. The noise is described above. I believe that it is not necessary to say.

Secondly, we can pay attention to the diet in terms of diet.

I don’t have to say about smoking and drinking in the diet. Because the diseases caused by these two habits are countless, I won’t say it again here.

Eat light, greasy, high salt content, high sugar content, not only will cause some cardiovascular disease or may induce deafness and tinnitus, eat more vitamin-rich foods on weekdays, and Those zinc-iron-calcium foods, such as fungus, pig liver, mushrooms, etc., are searched online.

Finally, remember that what I am saying here is just prevention, but when you really change your ear and tinnitus, you need to seek medical advice and let the doctor help you solve the problem.

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