What if the hearing aid has no sound?

 Hearing aid has no sound

Hearing aid users must understand how hearing aids work and the basic functions of the various components. Of course, different types of hearing aids have their own differences, but the main components are similar.

Microphone: collect sound and convert it into electrical signal

Amplifier: amplifying electrical signals

Battery: powering the amplifier

Volume potentiometer: adjust the volume of the hearing aid

Headphone: converts the electrical signal output from the amplifier into an acoustic signal

Often hearing-impaired patients report that the hearing aids have always been good, how can there be no sound at once? In this case, there are several reasons:

1. The sound hole of the hearing aid is blocked. Just clean the sound hole. If you can’t clean it, you can go to the fitting center to clean it.

2. The microphone is blocked by dirty things. Its processing method is basically the same as the first one.

3. The battery is dead. Just replace the battery with a new one.

4. Hearing aids are getting wet. Dry the hearing aid and recommend it to the fitting center.

5. Volume adjustment twist, that is, the volume switch is turned off, and can be turned on.

6. For the behind-the-ear hearing aid, you can also see if there are water drops in its sound tube. If it is, it will be blocked by water drops. Remove the sound tube and dry it.

If none of the above is true, it is recommended that the hearing aid be sent to the factory for inspection.

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