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Is it ok to wear a hearing aid?

In fact, if you only wear one hearing aid and the other ear also has hearing loss, then it is difficult to completely distinguish which direction the sound comes from, probably how far away from you. It is difficult to have a good sense of balance. The other side of the ear will also degenerate because it is not used, deepening the hearing loss. This is also the main reason why many people now choose to wear both ears. The benefit of wearing a hearing aid with both ears is that the binaural optional hearing aid can significantly improve the positioning ability. The brain can use the sound wave to reach the phase difference between the ears to accurately determine the direction of the sound source.

There is also a higher degree of loudness accepted by binaural hearing than a single ear hearing. Wearing a hearing aid with both ears can increase the 36dB of the hearing aid.

When the hearing aid is worn by a single ear, when the sound source comes from the other side, the head has an obstruction and attenuation effect on the sound propagation, especially the high frequency attenuation, and this part of the high frequency sound is the sensory sound.Neuropathic fistulaThe language clarity is critical. When a patient listens to the other person’s speech, it becomes difficult to turn his head to one side, sometimes embarrassing the patient. Avoid hearing deprivation. Both ears have residual hearing. If only one ear is used to wear the hearing aid, the degree of speech resolving power in the ear without wearing the hearing aid for a period of time is significantly greater than that of wearing the ear of the hearing aid.

The sound quality of the ears is clearer, fuller and more spatial.

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