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Reasons why hearing loss is often overlooked

Reasons for hearing loss being ignored


However, sometimes it may be mistaken to think that the class is not focused, active, and does not obey the teacher’s instructions, resulting in problems in the learning situation. Therefore, parents can pay more attention to their children’s behavior and learning conditions on weekdays, such as the slow development of language, the speech is not clear, often turn to the same side to find the sound source.


Or some people think that hearing problems are equal to ability, have a shame, and dare not tell anyone, so for a few years, missed the opportunity to participate properly, affecting the quality of life. But these are actually the wrong ideas! Aisheng hearing aid experts say that in fact, when you can’t see clearly, you can check your eyesight and wear glasses that meet the degree. If you don’t know clearly, you must also do a hearing test evaluation and seek professional assistance. It is the correct medical concept to choose the appropriate hearing aids for the type, degree and lifestyle of hearing loss.

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