How does a 3-year-old child test his hearing?

      If you want to test your child’s hearing, you can use earphones to test, plug one end of the earphone into the phone, play soft music, and put the other end on the child’s left and right ears, and then ask the child whether the left and right sounds are the same loudness. It can test whether the child’s left and right ears have hearing problems.Be careful not to make the sound too loud during the test, it is better to gradually increase from small to large, so as not to be harmful to the ears.

      Children like to watch TV. Parents should be careful if they find that their children like to be close to the TV, because too close is not good for protecting eyesight. In addition, it means that children are likely to be very close to hear the sound.If this happens, parents should take their children to the hospital as soon as possible.

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