What should a baby with “hearing impaired” do?

3) For people with mixed hearing loss and malformation of the outer middle ear: it is recommended to wear it within 6 monthsHearing aid, Elective external and middle ear reconstruction surgery.

      For babies with hearing aids, it is generally recommended to review their hearing at least every 3 months.For children with severe or extremely severe deaf sensorineural hearing loss who have poor rehabilitation training, it is recommended that they undergo cochlear implant surgery for about 10 months, and continue auditory and speech rehabilitation training after the operation.For children with mild hearing loss, it is recommended that parents use voice amplification during the follow-up period to try their best to make the children hear the voice clearly, and it can also achieve a certain sound amplification effect.Children who are diagnosed with enlarged vestibular aqueduct syndrome should see a doctor in time when hearing loss is found, and some can be treated with medication to help them improve their hearing.

2.Confidence training method.This is a behavioral therapy.By setting up a certain situation, it allows hearing impaired children with mental impairments in this situation to perform role exercises to enhance their sense of self-confidence and gradually eliminate passive and anxious reactions.For example, for some hearing impaired children who are afraid to go shopping alone in the store, the teacher will practice simulated shopping in the classroom.The teacher proposes some items as commodities and pretends to be a salesperson.Then let students with mental disabilities act as customers to buy things.When the student successfully buys something, the role will be changed, and the student will act as a salesperson, and the teacher or other classmates will act as the customer.With the experience of simulated shopping in the classroom, the teacher chooses the appropriate time and method to take the student to the store to actually go shopping, so as to further eliminate his fear and form a real life ability.

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