Do people always experience hearing loss?

People always come outIs hearing loss now?

      Not all right!

      In fact, many elderly people are accompanied by ear diseases and chronic diseases of the whole body. Therefore, age factors and other factors that affect hearing are often intertwined and affect hearing together.For example, otitis media, Meniere’s disease, sudden deafness, diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, noise, ototoxic drug use, etc.; even cerumen embolism can affect hearing.Therefore, if elderly friends hold the wrong idea of ​​“you should not hear when you are old,” they will ignore those factors that can also affect hearing, delay the timing of treatment, and worsen hearing.Therefore, the elderly do not necessarily have hearing loss, even if there is an age factor, their inaudibility can often be intervened.A series of measures such as controlling the medication of basic diseases, using artificial hearing devices, adjusting lifestyle, and actively seeking medical treatment and regular follow-up.”Inaudible” can be changed to “Inaudible”; “inaudible” can be changed to “Inaudible”.Our goal is to delay the decline in hearing, improve auditory and speech communication skills, and improve the quality of life of the elderly.

      This is a common cause of hearing loss, but don’t worry, you can clean the clogged earwax in the ear canal in the hospital.

     XNUMX. What is the age at which hearing loss is usually detected?

      If you go for a hearing test, the result of your audiogram may be a sloping curve from left to right.

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