Child’s hearing loss?Shake the car into

With the development of the times, children’s novel toys emerge in endlessly, but do you know that if the noise of toys exceeds 80 decibels, it will cause damage to the children’s auditory system?underHearing Aids Made in ChinaWill introduce you in detail:

Recently, Lele’s mother discovered that Lele always picks her ears, and always feels low voice when watching cartoons, and sometimes she watches them on the TV.Go to the hospital for a check, and my hearing loss.It turns out that the culprit is the rocking car that Lele must ride every day.

It is reported that since Lele was 8 months old, his family supported him in a cradle.Now at the age of 3, he has to sit ten times a day. Although he has learned a lot of nursery rhymes, his hearing began to decline under the high-volume bombing of the rocking car.

Generally, when parents come in to buy things, their children are clamoring to play, so they just let the children sit for a few minutes.A child has to sit 3 times on average.There are also games on the screen that comes with the rocking car. Babies as young as a few months old and kids as old as 5 years old are all staring at the screen.

After testing, it is found that different songs produce different decibel values.The highest volume is 102.1 decibels, and the lowest is 87.1 decibels.

What do these decibel numbers mean for children?

“Noise causes a slight hearing loss, which will affect the language development of young children and affect the accuracy of pronunciation.”According to Chinese hearing aid experts, the damage to children’s hearing caused by noise is mainly determined by the intensity and duration of the sound. Sometimes even at a low volume of about 50 decibels, if the exposure time lasts for a long time, it will damage the hearing.And 80 decibels or more is enough to cause harm to children’s hearing, if frequent contact, children will have headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, memory loss and other symptoms.

A warm reminder for hearing aids made in China: noise factors should be considered when choosing toys, not blindly seeking novelty, and children should be prevented from touching high-volume toys.Parents try to take their children away from noise sources and avoid wearing headphones for children. It is best to choose to play music outside.At the same time, take your child for ear health checkups regularly to detect problems as early as possible. “

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