Children and the elderly should pay attention to hearing test and hearing aid fitting

The number of hearing-disabled persons in China ranks first among all kinds of persons with disabilities in the country.Otologists pointed out that primary ear care is the most basic, most economical, and most effective means and way to prevent hearing disabilities.Among them, timely hearing examination and treatment, as well as fitting hearing aids for the hearing disabled, are very important to prevent hearing disabilities and improve hearing.

Most people with severe hearing loss are children and the elderly

Clinically, people with severe hearing loss mostly occur in two groups of children and the elderly.Among them, the hearing loss of the elderly is mostly caused by the aging and degeneration of body organs and the degeneration of the auditory organs after people get old.Hearing lossThe time and extent of its onset vary from person to person, and are affected by personal physical fitness and external environmental factors.

Secondly, according to the investigation of related scholars, the onset of senile hearing loss in urban residents is earlier than that in rural residents. This situation is most likely because urban noise is more serious than in rural areas, and long-term exposure to noise can cause hearing loss. “This kind of noise-induced hearing loss develops slowly, and few people notice it at the initial stage, and it is often discovered when it develops to a moderate or severe degree.

Children are more common in hearing loss due to drug toxicity.At present, more than 100 kinds of drugs that damage hearing have been found, the most common ones are streptomycin, kanamycin, gentamicin, paromycin and other antibiotics, as well as drugs such as quinine and chloroquine. .These drugs can poison inner ear hair cells and auditory nerves, leading to moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss. Therefore, when administering drugs to children, you must follow the doctor’s advice and it is best to avoid using these drugs.

Complete listening test items find the reason for you

50% of hearing loss can be prevented and avoided through primary ear care.Through hearing examinations, we can understand whether the function of the auditory system of patients with ear diseases is normal, the degree and type of hearing impairment, and the location of the disease, so as to provide a reliable basis for doctors’ diagnosis and treatment.As a matter of fact, most ear diseases can prevent the aggravation of hearing loss, even reduce the occurrence of hearing loss, and avoid hearing disability as long as timely inspection and treatment are carried out in the early stage of occurrence.

At present, many ear hospitals have more detailed hearing tests.Through these equipment and inspection items, patients can accurately detect the causes of ear disease and hearing loss, and take timely treatment measures.

Hard of hearing wear as soon as possibleHearing aid

Usually, conductive hearing loss (such as otitis media, tympanic membrane perforation, etc.) can be cured by surgery or medication.For some ear disease patients with severe hearing loss, after the operation, the hearing function is not good, or the patients with sensorineural hearing loss, it is necessary to go through the hospital and professional hearing aid fitting institutions Hearing aid Fitting to improve listening level.

Hearing loss not only causes hearing impairment, but also causes communication and psychological barriers.For children, the ability of the brain and auditory nerves to process sound information is gradually developed as the child grows. The younger the child, the more likely it is to regain the sound.If the child does not receive sound stimulation for a long time, it will cause the child to miss the best period of language rehabilitation, resulting in aphasia and dumbness due to hearing loss.Therefore, it must be worn as early as possible for children with hearing lossHearing aid.

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