What causes sudden deafness?

4. In addition, excessive use of drugs that are toxic to the ears: such as gentamicin, streptomycin or kanamycin, etc., can also cause sudden deafness and hearing loss, and sudden deafness is better than hearing loss Appeared early.

6. Noise: violent shock and prolonged noise exposure can cause hearing loss and sudden deafness.Those who work in a high-intensity noise environment should pay attention to noise protection, such as reducing noise sources or wearing protective earmuffs, earplugs, etc.In addition, be careful not to use the Walkman headset in a noisy environment for a long time and at high volume.

For some older patients with underlying diseases, such as cerebral arteriosclerosis, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and other vascular problems, most of them may be patients with high frequency decline, flat type or severe deafness, and the treatment course needs longer, such as 20 times, 30 times Some patients are more irritable and may feel that there is no effect after doing this for several times, or even longer. It is necessary to explain to the patient carefully.Sudden deafness treatment is a relatively long process, and the key is early intervention in hyperbaric oxygen therapy.In addition to the treatment of sudden deafness patients as soon as possible and the course of foot treatment, it is recommended that patients pay attention during the treatment process, especially when pressurizing the nose and drum air pressure to avoid recurring middle ear barotrauma aggravating the condition; Patients should not stay up late, pay attention to rest, and maintain a light diet; avoid wearing headphones or going to noisy sing rooms and other environments, which is good for improving sudden deafness.

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