The square dance is too noisy. The son with a hearing aid is very manic.

According to the editor of Chinese Hearing Aids, Ms. Cao’s 5-year-old son, Xiaoyu, looks like a very well-behaved little boy, wearing on his ears. Hearing aid .Xiaoyu didn’t speak very clearly, he said, dancing was very noisy and couldn’t sleep at night.Ms. Cao said that when her son was more than one year old, he would also call him father and mother, but in the following two years his language ability development was very slow, and he often mumbled something by himself, and others couldn’t understand it.At first they thought the child was talking late, so wait a while.It was not until the beginning of last year that she and her husband felt that Xiaoyu’s situation might not be so simple, because sometimes it was very noisy and Xiaoyu had no response, so they took Xiaoyu to the Children’s Hospital for treatment. Xiaoyu was diagnosed with bilateral vestibules. The aqueduct is enlarged and the ear canal is deformed, it is recommended to enterLine auditory compensation.After that, Xiaoyu put on Hearing aid , And insisted on hearing rehabilitation training for one year.

The editor of hearing aids made in China saw that in Xiaoyu’s house, piles of yellow paper filled with brush writing were stacked on a wooden board.Ms. Cao said that it was used for rehabilitation training for her son. She copied Tang poems and nursery rhymes one by one, and taught her son to read the mouth shape and learn to say. After one year of hard work, her son’s language skills have improved a lot, and they can basically be compatible with each other. People communicate.

In July, they moved into a new house, but outside the window was not the small garden promised by the salesperson at the beginning, but a fitness square, where people danced square dances from 7 to 7 every night. Because Xiaoyu was wearing a hearing aid, It has the effect of amplifying the sound itself, Xiaoyu covered her ears and shouted, becoming very manic.Ms. Cao once persuaded the neighbors who danced the square dance to change to another place, but the sound of the sound was louder, and the sound was placed under the window of her house.Seeing the pain of her son, Ms. Cao had to pull out the battery of the hearing aid, but then her son could not hear.In desperation, she consulted with the developer and the property for many times, but to no avail, she was worried that this would affect the effect of her son’s rehabilitation training.

Hearing aid experts made in China: Children wear hearing aids should be used in a quiet environment first, practice children to listen to familiar sounds, such as the sound of running water, closing doors, etc., and gradually wear them in a diversified sound environment to train children to adapt to various sounds. The ability of sound.However, the high decibels of square dance do not belong to what we call the “diverse sound environment”, but belong to noise. In the long run, it will inevitably affect the effect of Xiaoyu’s rehabilitation training, and even cause hearing loss.

Lawyers’ advice: The issue of square dance harassment has become a hot topic recently. Some local governments have issued some policy documents to clarify the law enforcement subject of square dance harassment, and some solutions have also been proposed.In terms of law, my country’s Tort Liability Law has stipulated: “If you infringe on civil rights and interests, you should bear tort liability in accordance with this law.” It can be seen that as long as the infringer commits an act that infringes on the civil rights and interests of others, he should bear legal responsibility, whether it is a square dance. Organizers are also participants.The square dance infringes the right to rest of the surrounding residents and the right to health to avoid noise. Therefore, according to my country’s “Urban Area Environmental Noise Standard”, the area where residents are mainly used should not exceed 55 decibels during the day and 45 decibels at night. Decibel, to define whether to disturb the people.

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