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JH-D30 tiny ITE hearing aids (Hercules)

The JH-D30 is a mini hearing aid that is inserted into your ear canal.  This promotes comfort for consistent, everyday use, in addition to being nearly invisible.

  • In-ear placement takes the worry out of losing your device.
  • Discreet and more compact than any other hearing aid in its class, fashion design in black/white color as a digital product, nobody will realize you’re wearing hearing aids.
  • Wearing comfortably
  • Volume control along with ON/OFF
  • No loss of battery power in shutdown status
  • Digital Tiny hearing aids, special design convenient charging and easy operation with wheel volume control and ON/OFF.
  • Working under medium and small power
  • Rechargeable function.

Link:JH-D30 tiny ITE hearing aids (Hercules)

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