Does a cold cause otitis media?

Cold can causeOtitis media? Before answering this question, we must first understand what is otitis media.

Otitis mediaAs the name suggests, it is a disease in the middle ear. Otitis media is caused by an inflammation of part or all of the structure of the middle ear, which is common in children.

Otitis media is mainly divided into non-suppurative otitis media and suppurative otitis media. Non-suppurative otitis media includes secretory otitis media, air-damaged otitis media, etc., and suppurative otitis media is also divided into acute and chronic.

The cause of the disease is mainly caused by bacterial infection.

Otitis media

Then a cold will causeOtitis mediaIs it? The answer is inevitable.

Especially for children, many children have a close relationship with otitis media and colds. Under normal circumstances, the cold is caused by a virus infection, because the child’s resistance is relatively poor, the bacteria take advantage of it, leading to otitis media. There is a pipe between the ear and the pharynx, we call it the Eustachian tube, and the eustachian tube of the child is different from the adult. The eustachian tube of the child is short, flat and wide, and the bacterial virus after the cold It is also easier to get into the middle ear from the eustachian tubeOtitis mediaof.

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