Timely treatment of senile deafness

As the body grows, there will be a series of aging phenomena, such as whitening of the hair, loss of teeth, loss of vision, etc. Old-age deafness is caused by hearing dysfunction caused by the aging of the auditory system. The elderly themselves or their families should be alert to signs of hearing loss in the elderly. These signs include:

I often can’t hear the sound of boiling water, the doorbell

Often ask to turn the TV volume up

Always ask others to repeat

Always hear what others are saying

I can hear the sound, but I can’t hear the speech.

Used to turn the head side to the speaker or lean forward

Be alert! Deafness causes Alzheimer’s risk up to 5 times

Deafness can make the elderly unresponsive and mentally degraded, making life more lonely and depressed in later life. According to the statistics of WHO2014, the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease (Alzheimer’s disease) among the elderly with light, moderate and severe hearing loss is 2 times, 3 times and 5 times of the normal hearing-impaired elderly, which has become the world. Outstanding health problems in aging.

However, there is no definitive method to reverse the progression of hearing aging. According to the study of audiology, men begin to experience hearing loss from the age of 45. Later in women, 65/1 will have hearing loss in 3/XNUMX in China. Many elderly people think that it is a normal phenomenon of physiological decline when they are older. It is ignored and ignored. This makes listening unpredictably slow down.

Wearing a hearing aid should be sooner rather than later

Due to the characteristics of hearing usefulness and retreat, wearing a hearing aid as early as possible can actually delay the process of hearing loss.

Although hearing aids are only an aid to hearing, it does not improve hearing or cause hearing loss. However, if there is already hearing loss and the hearing aid is not worn in time, it will aggravate the hearing fatigue, accelerate the hearing degradation, and the auditory response will become more and more dull.

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