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What factors are likely to cause hearing aid damage

There are a lot of reasons for the life of hearing aids and the habits of hearing-impaired patients. Generally, hearing aids can be used.5 ~ 8Year, if you are not well maintained3The year is broken.

So what are the factors that can easily cause hearing aid damage?

Earwax and earwax blockage hearing aid receivers are the main cause of damage. Most Chinese people are dry deafness. On weekdays, talking, walking, chewing and other actions will cause earwax to fall out of the ear canal, but because some patients are wearing custom The machine is stuffed into the ear canal, causing the earwax not to fall out properly. It can only be ran into the receiver. The less serious is that the sound is lighter, and the serious one will block the receiver and damage it.

Therefore, we must clean up earwax regularly. If you are oily deaf, you need to clean up diligently.

Water vapor, the moisture of the hearing aid is also a major factor in its damage. Whether it is water vapor or rain, it will seriously damage the hearing aid. Therefore, when using the hearing aid on weekdays, be sure to pay attention to waterproofing. Secondly, in the hot summer, bathing and showering is a must every day. Do things, so there will be some water in the ear canal. Before wearing the hearing aid, be sure to clean the water stains in the ear canal before wearing it.

Anti-drop, the chip inside the hearing aid, parts, etc. are very afraid of falling. During use, be careful not to let the hearing aid fall from a high place. The slightest possibility is that the outer casing is cracked, which will seriously affect the internal parts of the hearing aid. .

Hearing aid maintenance

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