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What should I do if I find myself suffering from hearing loss?

Deafness is a loss of hearing. Regardless of the nature of hearing loss, we need to retain the current residual hearing as much as we can when we find out. What should we do when we find ourselves suffering from hearing loss?

Hearing loss is not the same as ordinary cold and fever. It is better to take two medicines casually. If you accidentally eat ototoxic drugs, it will only make your hearing loss worse.

Secondly, avoid contact with a series of noises, such as bars, construction sites, dance halls, etc.

Then quickly go to the hospital or the fitting center to check the hearing loss and the nature of hearing loss, and then carry out targeted treatment. In addition to taking medicine, the most common treatment for deafness is wearing a hearing aid to compensate for hearing. After all, many deafness are permanent and cannot be recovered by other means.

Therefore, after the hearing loss occurs, in addition to hearing, wear hearing aids as early as possible. Although hearing aids can’t help you recover your hearing, for those with mild to moderate hearing loss, relying on residual hearing can hear the outside world.

However, for patients with severe hearing loss, even wearing a hearing aid can cause distortion and inaudible blurring. Today’s hearing aids provide very good sound quality and listening comfort. So even with deep hearing loss, most children can still benefit from using hearing aids—enhancing their ability to perceive things around them.

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