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Listening does not mean that you can understand

Listening is one of the most important senses besides watching. Listening is very important for our daily life. When we have problems with hearing, it has a great impact on our lives.

Many deaf patients have said why I obviously wear a hearing aid but still can’t understand it?

In fact, more patients are suffering from hearing aids because they have been in a deafness for a long time. This phenomenon is more common among the group.

You can’t hear it, but you can’t blame the hearing aid. The hearing aid is used to receive the outside sound, then it is amplified into your ear and then passed into your brain. So we need to understand a basic concept first, hear the work of the ear, and understand the brain work.

The same is true of our vision. It doesn’t mean that you can see it clearly, but if you see it clearly, you can definitely see it. The same hearing is the same. You can’t hear it clearly. If you hear it, you must listen. Arrived. After the sound is transmitted into the ear, it needs to be transmitted to the brain. The brain then analyzes the sound and language, let us understand.

Many deaf patients have this reason because they are caused by long-term deafness. Because the auditory center in the brain has not received the sound stimulation for a long time, it will slowly degenerate over time, and then suddenly let the brain listen when you wear the hearing aid. When the long-lost voice is over, it can’t be reacted at once, and it can’t be processed, so it will lead to this phenomenon.

But don’t panic, there are still ways to recover, as long as you train more. After wearing the hearing aid, you can choose a quiet environment, then close your eyes, relax, let yourself concentrate, listen to a voice, grab the sound and discern what it sounds. Train this for a while every day, and soon your brain will get used to the sound, you can understand.

I can't understand it.

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