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How to choose the old hearing aid

The choice of hearing aids for the elderly usually has several characteristics, namely: easy to use, good results, and as good as possible. Older friends often suffer from hearing loss. In fact, the formation of senile deafness is a manifestation of the natural law in the development of the human body. In addition to the knowledge about hearing loss and prevention, detection, rehabilitation and treatment of ear disease, the elderly Choosing the right hearing aid is also relevant to the hearing quality of the elderly.

Senile sputum belongs to sensorineural deafness and cannot be treated with drugs. The only correct solution is to wear hearing aids. Therefore, the elderly should not believe in false advertisements of folk remedies or newspaper websites. So as not to miss the best time to wear hearing aids. Don’t buy a hearing aid by mail order. Because the hearing aid is not an ordinary product, it needs a professional selection to really help your hearing.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the selection:

1, optional hearing aids must go to regular medical institutions, rehabilitation agencies and fitting facilities.

2, conduct professional audiology examinations to understand hearing loss.

3, listen to the advice of a professional fitter and try on a hearing aid.

4, the first wearing a hearing aid, must have reasonable expectations, just as we have to adapt to glasses and dentures, there is also an adaptation process for hearing aids.

5, keep in touch with the fitter and adjust the settings of the hearing aid in time.

For the type of appearance of the hearing aid, the 2 appearance is recommended for elderly users, namely the behind-the-ear type and the ear canal type. Both of these appearances are widely used by the elderly. If the elderly do not care about the appearance, and the age is very large, the hands and feet are not very flexible, then the back of the ear can be used, the advantage is that it is a standard product, the price is relatively cheaper. If the old man wants to be more beautiful, then you can choose the ear canal type, which is the most suitable for the elderly in the 3 custom type (ear cavity, ear canal, deep ear canal), and the machine It is easy to wear in the ear canal, and the anti-sweat performance in summer is better.

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