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Can the hearing aid guarantee that the hearing does not drop?

For our hearing loss patients, it is quite painful to hear and not hear, and it is a lot of inconvenience to life. Although wearing hearing aids can not restore hearing, it can obviously improve the listening of our patients. effect.

For this question, can the hearing aid ensure that the hearing does not drop? I don’t think anyone can guarantee it. Many factors in life are affecting our hearing. Every minute and every second, our hearing is actually falling, just The rate of this decline is so slow that you can’t detect it. When you are old, you will naturally feel the difficulty of listening to the sound when you are old.

At the same time, even if there is no sound, because some factors have damaged our inner ear and listen to the nerves, our hearing will still decline. In short, there are too many reasons that can affect hearing.

The hearing aid itself can’t prevent your hearing from falling. The principle is the same as that of glasses. When people with myopia wear glasses, their vision will drop, but the speed will slow down. The hearing aids are the same. To slow down, reduce the speed of our hearing loss, but there is no guarantee that it will not fall.

When we find that we are inaudible and can’t hear clearly, you have already suffered from hearing loss. In this case, we need to wear hearing aids as early as possible to slow down the speed of our hearing loss. Generally speaking, patients with moderate hearing loss The hearing aid is best when wearing a hearing aid.

At the same time, wearing a hearing aid can not only slow down the speed of hearing loss, but also protect the residual hearing. We all know that residual hearing is very important for hearing loss patients, which will directly affect the hearing aid after wearing the hearing aid. If you don’t have any residual hearing, it means that you are really full, and you can’t hear it completely. At that time, no matter how high-end hearing aids you wear, you can’t go back to heaven, so protect your residual hearing.

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