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Residual hearing is the lifeblood of deaf patients

Residual hearing, this term is not so familiar to most people, many people do not understand what residual hearing refers to, residual hearing is simply the remaining auditory function after your hearing organ is damaged, all need to wear hearing aids For deaf patients, residual hearing is simply the lifeblood of the ear.

If a deaf patient has all his residual hearing after hearing loss in his ear, then he can be regarded as a full-fledged sense. Wearing a hearing aid has no effect. Many people don’t understand why. Is there any effect of wearing residual hearing aid without wearing hearing aid? Can you recover without it?

First of all, the first question is why there is no effect without wearing a hearing aid. The hearing aid receives the sound from the outside world, then the sound is amplified into the ear. The residual hearing is used to accept the sound. If there is no residual hearing, how do you hear the sound?

Then there is no residual hearing that can’t be recovered. The residual hearing is actually our auditory hair cells. The hair cells have been formed long when we were born. They can only be reduced, can not be increased, and cannot be regenerated, so no It’s gone, so everyone understands that protecting hearing is a very important thing.

Residual hearing

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