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How to make it better when wearing a hearing aid

Our hearing loss patients, after spending money to buy a hearing aid, hope to make it work better and sound more comfortable. In fact, the effect of the hearing aid is not only related to the quality of the product itself, the level of the fitter. Hearing aids can also be affected during hearing loss.

Before using the hearing aid, we need to check whether the battery of the hearing aid has electricity. Check whether the sound is normal after wearing, whether there is whistling, whether there is any abnormality in the hearing aid casing, etc. If any problem is found or the sound is wrong, the cause should be found in time. If you are not sure, you can bring the hearing aid back to the fitting center and let the professional fitter help you.

When using a hearing aid, try to choose a quiet environment. In a noisy environment, our speech recognition will drop. Even if you wear a hearing aid, this is unavoidable.

Digital hearing aids can do noise reduction, but they can’t do the human ear, real-time processing and compression noise. In fact, this is very understandable. Basically everyone has used headphones. You use headphones on the bus. The volume used at the time and the volume used in the home can be inconsistent, and the former is definitely higher than the latter. This is due to environmental noise, so we use the hearing aid as much as possible in a quiet environment.

Then the hearing aid also has a suitable distance to use, because the hearing aid needs to be received first and then transmitted to your ear. Basically, the best use distance of the hearing aid is1.5 ~ 2Between meters, if the distance exceeds3The effect of the Miqi will be greatly reduced. When the patient is listening to the hearing loss, if the hearing loss patient is wearing a hearing aid with one ear, then you should stand on the side with the hearing.

Wearing a hearing aid effect

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