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How does the hearing aid protect against moisture?

1, wearing a hearing aid every day, what kind of moisture is often encountered? The source of moisture?

I believe that swimming, bathing, shampooing, washing your face, raining, etc., have been noticed by everyone; morning or foggy dew, sweat caused by summer or dry air, not used for weeks, and the battery is taken out or used inferior battery Some people may not pay attention to the leakage; when the humidity is high, the moisture in the air will be more intrusive, and there are other things – hair spray, washing clothes, kitchen steam, and so on.

2, so much moisture, what should I do?

Prevention, prevention, and prevention. In addition to irresistible intrusion such as moisture in the air, most of the moisture can be prevented, even if there is a lot of sweat in the summer, such as paying attention to sweating and avoiding wet hands to touch the hearing aid is easy to do, know that sweat has salt It is far more corrosive to electronic devices and circuit boards than water, which is why hearing aids are prone to bad in summer. As for the battery leakage with alkaline, the impact on the hearing aid is even greater. Isn’t it easy to remove the battery?

3, if the hearing aid is out of tide, what should I do?

Listen to the factory dry cake

Don’t worry, you have to do one thing, dry the hearing aid, and put it in a sealed dry bag or dry bottle. Maybe tomorrow will be fine. Even if it is good, you should continue to absorb residual moisture every night; There are still problems, please hand it to the professionals as soon as possible, otherwise the moisture will quickly corrode the device and the motherboard.

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4, should I remove the battery every night and put the hearing aid in a dry or dry bottle?

If it is convenient, you should do this.

5, Jinghao medical Fitting Center and its Taobao shop have special drying boxes for hearing aids. Friends who need it can come and buy them. By the way, please note that some desiccants are disposable and need to be changed in about two months; the re-use of the desiccant will change color to remind you that you need to dry or dry the desiccant before using it again.

Yes, be sure to put it in a sealed bag or a sealed bottle.

Is 6, behind-the-ear hearing aids more afraid of moisture than in-ear hearing aids?

Yes, the position of the hearing aid is more likely to be affected by the moisture in the back of the ear, and it is relatively less susceptible to moisture. This is also an advantage of the in-ear machine.

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