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What to do if the hearing aid is wet

What to do if the hearing aid is wet

Often encountered in lifeHearing aids dampThe customers who enter the water often suffer losses due to improper handling. What should the hearing aids do after the tide? Let’s listen to what the Jinghao medical hearing aid experts say.

First, clean the area of ​​water, then wipe the hearing aid with a clean cotton cloth.

Second, remove the sputum guard, open the battery compartment, and place the hearing aid in the dry box (the battery should not be dried).

Third, the hearing aid is sent to the fitting center with the maintenance device as soon as possible for dehumidification.

If you take the above actions or not, then return to the factory for repair.

Note: After the hearing aid is flooded, if it is not dehumidified, please do not install the battery test machine to prevent short circuit and damage the amplifier. In addition, the hearing aids must remember that the hair dryer cannot be baked at a high temperature.

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