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Common sense of wearing a hearing aid

Hearing aids can improve the hearing of deaf patients, but not all deaf patients are suitable for wearing hearing aids. What do we do if we find ourselves or our loved ones with deafness? I will give you an introduction to this question.

Once you find or suspect hearing loss and deafness, please remember to go to the hospital otolaryngology department for systematic and standardized examination to find out the cause for targeted treatment. Causes of hearing loss may be congenital malformations, trauma, inflammation, tumors, drugs and other toxic poisoning, vascular disease, idiopathic auditory neuropathy and so on. To distinguish the above reasons, professional doctors and special audiological examinations are required. Unregulated diagnosis and treatment will have serious consequences for the patient. Some treatments for deafness may require medication, surgery, and some need to wear hearing aids. Now, let me talk about the precautions for deaf patients who need to wear hearing aids.

Common sense of hearing aids

1, hearing aids must be tested before they can be worn

Just like glasses must be optometry to understand the changes in vision, and need to be repeated debugging to ensure that the degree of glasses is appropriate to wear the same, before hearing aids must also have a comprehensive understanding of hearing changes, in order to choose power, performance, style Satisfied hearing aid. Because each person’s hearing loss and degree of change are different, repeated adjustments during fitting make the hearing aid reach the standard that the wearer can hear, hear, and understand. For example, to understand whether the high frequency sound compensation is in place, low frequency sound compensation Is it too strong, does the patient feel that the sound is too loud and so on? In short, if you don’t experience wearing it at will, the effect of the hearing aid is definitely difficult to guarantee, and sometimes it will lead to the decline of the original hearing.

2, all-digital hearing aids are superior to traditional hearing aids

The analog hearing aid is essentially a small sound amplifier. It has no choice for sound amplification, and it amplifies the speech sounds, music sounds, etc. that people need, and also amplifies the unwanted noise. Therefore, in noisy environments, the listening effect is greatly affected. . The digital hearing aid is equipped with a miniature computer inside, which can automatically and automatically process the sound according to the wearer’s hearing loss characteristics and requirements. It can effectively reduce noise, improve speech, and greatly improve the clarity and fidelity of the language. From the experience of many users, the use of digital hearing aids is close to the perfect listening state of “sound comfort in a quiet environment, good speech intelligibility in a noisy environment, and no discomfort in an extremely noisy environment”. The all-digital hearing aid is a hearing aid that processes and programs various sounds in an all-digital manner. It uses digital technology to perform frequency band processing, wide dynamic range compression, multi-channel programming, and noise reduction system processing for sound signals, so that all digital hearing aids have The characteristics of intelligence, known as the smart computer in the ear. Suitable for all kinds of hearing loss compensation.

  3.How to choose a hearing aid

At present, the hearing aid market is very competitive. Each hearing aid manufacturer has a variety of hearing aid models, which makes deaf patients face a lot of products. We recommend that hearing aids for deaf patients should be considered in several ways: 1 nature and extent of deafness; 2 needs of the individual, ie the effect requirements and appearance requirements of the hearing aid; 3 people’s economic affordability.

Since all-digital hearing aids have the unparalleled advantages of traditional hearing aids and have formed a series of products that can meet the needs of all deaf patients, they have become mainstream models in recent years. However, due to its complex fitting technology and high professional knowledge, we often see that some patients use high-grade hearing aids, but because they are not properly adjusted, they have not played their due role. For patients, the choice of a suitable hearing aid, the first task is to carefully choose a formal selection mechanism and a professional, qualified hearing aid option, in order to ensure that the hearing aid is adjusted to the best state. .

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