How to choose the hearing aid power

Many people know a lot about the appearance, parameters and price of hearing aids, but they don’t understand how to choose power. Today, Xiaobian will give you a look at how to consider power when purchasing a hearing aid.

Hearing aid power

(1) Select a high-power hearing aid to ensure that the maximum sound output must never exceed the discomfort threshold. Excessive hearing aids not only cause discomfort, make people reluctant to use, but also damage hearing, and if the volume is turned down, the expected effect will not be achieved.

(2) For those elderly patients with hearing loss, in addition to meeting current hearing needs in hearing aid selection, it should also consider the possibility of further decline in hearing with age, so it should be in the power selection of hearing aids. Consider a certain margin. Similarly, for patients with hearing fluctuations caused by certain lesions, hearing may be degraded, and it is more important to leave a margin for the power of the hearing aid.

(3) The power of the hearing aid is not as large as possible. The louder the output, the greater the loudness. For groups with less hearing loss, it will affect the sharpness or distortion caused by peak clipping, and even damage the hearing. And the higher the power, the faster the battery consumption.

(4) The same series of hearing aids of the same shape, the greater the power, the more expensive. Remember not to choose a hearing aid that is less powerful than what is actually needed for price reasons. It will lead to inaudibility, and the language intelligibility will be reduced. If you listen to the effort to increase the volume, the hearing aid will be further saturated. As a result, the loudness of the speech will increase little, and the surrounding noise will be amplified. clear.

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