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Can hearing aids cure deafness?

Modern medical evidence that deafness can be cured and not cured is not correct. It is unscientific to attempt to achieve hearing rehabilitation through drugs, acupuncture, qigong and other means. The human ear structure is very sophisticated and complex, and the current medical methods have not been so advanced. Similarly, wearing a hearing aid can not completely cure the deafness.

Most of the children have a certain residual hearing. Under normal circumstances, this part of the hearing does not work and is in a latent state. Therefore, because of the lack of sound stimulation, the child has been living in a silent world. Realize that the external environment is full of colorful voices. Over time, that part of the residual hearing is also ruined; similarly, for people with acquired hearing loss, such as senile hearing loss, part of the decline of hearing is also lurking due to lack of sound stimulation, for a long time, this part of the book The available recessionary hearing is therefore ruined. This is like the machine does not need to rust, people need to exercise after fracture to restore tendon function. The ancients said: “The water is not rot, the hub is not shackled” is also the same reason.

The main function of the hearing aid is to amplify the sound and awaken the residual hearing from the latent state, so that the residual hearing can be utilized to the utmost. In this way, as long as the hearing loss patient is trained under the correct rehabilitation and through the scientific system, it can be compensated from the previous non-recognition sound to the understanding of the sound, from the loss of part of the hearing to the hearing loss, which is not only the result of hearing improvement. It is also the result of improved listening comprehension and self-confidence.

Therefore, hearing loss is not terrible. It is terrible that patients with hearing loss use valuable rehabilitation time for treatments that are impossible to achieve rehabilitation purposes, and ruin the residual hearing. It is imperative to develop residual hearing as soon as possible after hearing loss.

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