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How to properly use hearing aids for children

After the child is equipped with a hearing aid, the parents can’t let go. At the beginning, they must patiently help the child to familiarize with the hearing aid and adapt to the sound of the hearing aid.

People with normal hearing live in a variety of sounds every day, such as the sound of birds in the woods, the sound of vehicles on the road, the various crashes in the family, etc., which have become accustomed to it. However, the hearing loss of the child, the surrounding is silent to him. Nowadays, the hearing aid is used to bring him into the world of sound. When everything is loud, he is not used to him. There will be irritability at one time. Parents should understand this. Parents should follow the steps below to help their children become familiar with the use of hearing aids.

Child using hearing aid

(l) Take the child to a quieter room and tell him something he is familiar with. It is also possible to use the sound toy he is familiar with, let it sound in different places in the room, and guide the child to have an intuitive sense of direction and orientation.

(2) Take the child to the kitchen and let him listen to the sounds of various environments such as cutting vegetables, cooking, tableware, and running water. Make him feel the sound of other sounds than the voice.

(3) Take him to a quiet room to listen to the radio or watch TV, let him listen to social news or other programs that kids like.

(4) Bringing a hearing aid while eating, parents can tell him slowly about the dinner table.

(5) Please come to other children to talk to him, let them communicate in a harmonious way, and strive for the praise of the children.

(6) Take your child to the streets to play or buy things. Here you will encounter a variety of noisy environments, to observe the child’s reaction.

After the above six steps, after one or two weeks of adaptation, the child can get used to using the hearing aid, which means that the hearing aid selection is roughly successful. If you continue to respond to the sound, first check if the hearing aid is working properly. Is the volume enough? Should the battery be replaced? Otherwise, the hearing aid may not be properly selected. However, it should be pointed out that it is not surprising that there is difficulty in talking to children. Because the child did not have a language foundation at the moment, it is not yet clear what the other people are saying. Parents should not be anxious. Remember, wearing a hearing aid is just the first step for your child to learn!

Of course, if the child finds a fear or painful reaction to the sound during the trial, this must be brought to the attention of the parents. It is very likely that the pain threshold and comfort range of the child’s hearing have not been grasped before the hearing aid is selected. For those hearing aids that do not have the “automatic gain control” or “automatic peak clipping” function, the gain must be adjusted beforehand to avoid the hearing pain threshold when loudly speaking, to eliminate the pain that may be caused, because the sound is bad. The stimuli can even make the child cry, or make it difficult to mobilize him to wear the hearing aid again.

Finally, remind your parents: Don’t wait for expensive, trendy hearing aids. Training as early as possible is the first important thing.

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