Working in an electronic factory for a long time, the noise is loud, does it affect the ears?

Working in an electronic factory for a long time, the noise is loud, does it affect the ears?

      Working in a noisy electronics factory for a long time, due to prolonged exposure to various noises such as the roar of machines, the noise of the workshop, and the noise of human voices, the tiny blood vessels in the inner ear are often in a state of spasm, blood supply to the inner ear is reduced, and hearing is sharply reduced.Therefore, good protective measures can effectively protect the ears. If the noise environment is relatively large, you can wear protective earplugs during work, which can effectively block a part of the noise and protect your hearing.

The main hazard of noise to the human body is damage to the auditory system.When the noise intensity exceeds 100 decibels, it can cause hearing damage.Mild hearing impairment is mainly manifested as mild tinnitus. If it develops further, it can affect language hearing to a certain extent, causing hearing difficulties in work, study, and life.Sometimes a strong noise can cause temporary deafness in both ears, and at the same time feel severe tinnitus and dizziness.In addition, noise also affects other human systems, mainly manifested as headache, dizziness, insomnia, dreaminess, memory loss, and even unstable blood pressure or insufficient blood supply to the extremities, nutritional disorders, and arrhythmia.The adverse effects of noise on infants, young children, and pregnant women are more serious.

      The commonly used unit of noise is “decibel”. l ~ 140 decibels is the full range of human hearing. 1 decibel is the smallest sound intensity that can be distinguished by hearing, while 140 decibels is the maximum that the human ear can tolerate.The noise in the home mainly comes from household appliances such as audio equipment and televisions.The key to preventing noise hazards is to control and eliminate noise sources.People who have sensory deafness or severe neurasthenia should pay more attention to avoiding noise.


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