Have you ever had a particularly itchy ear?

      The secretion from the ear canal outside the stomach refers to earwax (or called cerumen). If there is too much earwax, it will fall out of the ear without cleaning.However, if the external auditory canal is blocked due to excessive accumulation, it will stimulate the nerves of the external auditory canal and cause ear itching, especially if water enters the ear due to bathing, the earwax will become damp and increase the degree of itching.

      The ear has a barrier against the invasion of foreign objects, that is, the epidermis of the external auditory canal, which can resist many bacteria and fungi.In addition, the secretions of the glands on the epidermis, also known as earwax, will be acidic and used to create an environment that fights infection.However, when this natural protective layer is broken, such as over-cleaning, water in the ears, accumulation of secretions, etc., these molds and fungi that originally existed near the ears may take advantage of their weakness and cause otomycosis. Make your ears itchy.

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