Will people have hearing loss and deafness when they are old?

      Under normal circumstances, when a person gets old, the functions of various organs will decrease, including vision, hearing, and memory.Therefore, it is normal for the elderly to suffer from hearing loss, but it is not always the case that old people suffer from hearing loss.Some elderly people, in their 80s, or even 90s, are not deaf or deaf. This is also true.So the answer to your question is that most elderly people have hearing loss when they get older, but not all of them.

      As the whole body tissue of the elderly tends to degenerate, the inner ear and auditory nerve also undergo degenerative changes.The human auditory organ can be divided into three parts: outer ear, middle ear and inner ear.There is a cochlea in the inner ear with auditory receptors, the organ of Corti.When the human body ages, the organ of Corti of the cochlear basement membrane shrinks; at the same time, the cochlear nerve that innervates the basement membrane shrinks.In addition, atrophy of the central nervous system in the elderly also leads to presbycusis.

      When you are young, you must protect your hearing. When you are old, your hearing will decline more slowly and to a lesser degree.It is not difficult to protect hearing. The Voice of the Sea has summarized the following points:

      1. Work and rest regularly, go to bed early and not stay up late;

      2. Light diet, avoid heavy salty diet; 

      3. Appropriate pressure, learn to relieve pressure;

      4. Do more exercises to enhance physical fitness; 

      5. Avoid being in a high-noise environment for a long time, and use anti-noise earplugs when appropriate;

      6. Avoid wearing high-volume music headphones for a long time, and reduce the time and volume of wearing headphones; 

      7. Avoid using ototoxic drugs; 

      8. Prevent/control the “three highs”, hyperglycemia, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia;

      9. If there is sudden tinnitus or hearing loss, go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible to avoid delay;

      10. If there is irreversibilityHearing loss, Select as soon as possibleHearing aid, To protect residual hearing and maintain good hearing sensitivity;

      11. A cheerful mind and a positive attitude are very important.

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