Several bad habits in hot weather may cause tinnitus

In the hot and dry weather, many people will suddenly feel a buzzing in their ears. Tinnitus is a very complicated problem, which has a lot to do with people’s physiology and psychology. If you have the following bad habits in summer It may cause tinnitus.

In summer, many people like to use the night when the temperature is low to work or party, because the body is in a state of fatigue for a long time staying up all night, it will lead to tinnitus.There are also many girls who choose to control their weight in summer, eat less and stay away from meat. After a long time, although the weight is reduced, their resistance and nutritional supply are insufficient, and blood circulation and calorie supply will also be in crisis. Harmful effects on ears.

In order to understand the heat, drinking cold drinks and eating ice cream, drinking a cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette for refreshment, these seemingly ordinary actions can cause damage to the ears.One of the stimulating factors, such as caffeine, will stimulate the human nerves, which will cause tinnitus. In addition, the risk of tinnitus will increase when working pressure is high.

To improve or avoid tinnitus in summer, it is best to start with some details in life.Learn to adjust your own psychology and reduce the chance of ear contact with noise.Try to relax but not indulge, work hard and not stay up late, so that your ears can rest well in high-quality sleep.

Finally, keep your mouth in check, reduce the intake of irritating, high-fat foods, and quit smoking and drinking.For women who want to lose weight through food, they should have a balanced diet and not be too low in energy.

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