What are the symptoms of sudden deafness? How to prevent it?

The cause of sudden deafness can be said to be unclear. With the rapid development of society, more and more young people are suffering from sudden deafness. If you can hit someone, you will be embarrassed. Maybe you can watch the show well the night before. When you wake up the next day, you will be embarrassed. There are many reasons for this. It is difficult to say clearly.

Sudden deafness

So what are the symptoms of sudden deafness before triggering?

First and foremost, the tinnitus is said to be present during the period before and after deafness.70%The person has a tinnitus phenomenon, and the tinnitus is a squeaky sound on the side of the ear, which is the most serious in a quiet environment.

Then there is dizziness, and many patients with sudden deafness say that there will be different degrees of dizziness before the onset, accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

The second is deafness. This can be said to be very rapid. More than a few days are short-lived. Most of them are unilateral deafness. A few people will have both sides occurring at the same time or in succession. Deafness may be temporary or permanent. Sexual.

If these phenomena occur, please seek medical advice without delay.

Prevent hearing loss

So know the symptoms before the attack, how do we prevent sudden deafness?

The first is the headset that we are familiar with and commonly used. It is best not to wear it for more than one hour every day. Because the sound will directly stimulate the ear nerve when wearing the earphone, it will cause irreversible damage to the ear for a long time, and it is extremely worrying in terms of hygiene.

Furthermore, in our daily life, don’t stay in the long-termKtvIn an environment with noisy noise, if there is no way to stay because of work or other reasons, it is recommended to wear noise-cancelling headphones in this environment to protect the ears.

There is also the pressure on the lives of many young people, the pressure of work, and the pressure on academics. The long-term pressure on this will reduce the immunity of the ear, causing the nerves to be affected and eventually causing sudden deafness. So we have to Learn to work and rest.

Healthy eating pyramid

Finally, in the diet, eat more light, eat less greasy, eat more fruits and vegetables and foods rich in zinc, iron and calcium, and those who have otitis media or patients with otitis media, quit smoking or bar, less smoke, less Drinking something will not be a problem. When we find that we have sudden deafness for a long time, we must seek medical treatment in time. Maybe we will not save it later. The sooner we treat, the more likely we are to recover. Of course, we still have to prevent it. Lord, no attack is definitely the best.

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