Hearing aid’s tinnitus masking function

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus means that there is some kind of noise in the ear without the participation of outside voices. The tone of the tinnitus can be high or low, often described as humming, whistling, whistling, rumble, wind, slap, etc. Some manifestations are intermittent, some are persistent, and some are accompanied by symptoms such as hearing loss and dizziness.


According to statistics, among the world’s population,45Under the age of1%The prevalence of tinnitus,60-69
Old age12%.70More than one year old25%-30%People suffer from tinnitus. China has tinnitus patients about1.3Billion, there is104Wanling patients cannot perform normal work, study and life.

There are many ways to treat tinnitus, and masking treatment is widely recognized and recommended.


Hearing aid for tinnitus masking

First, the tinnitus masking method, in simple terms, is to cover up the tinnitus with a sound that the patient sounds more comfortable.

Second, the instruments that can provide masking are:

1, Tinnitus masker: There are ear type, ear type, box type, etc., domestic and imported products. Some can only emit white noise, while others can produce pink noise, narrowband noise, and speech noise.

2Hearing aids: Wearing hearing aids for patients with tinnitus with hearing loss can not only weaken the patient’s perception of tinnitus, but also compensate for hearing loss, improve the patient’s communication ability, play a dual role of hearing aids and masking tinnitus. Hearing aids should be preferred for patients with tinnitus and hearing loss.

Third, choose a hearing aid with tinnitus masking function,I don’t mention which brand here, so I don’t want to say that I advertise.

Hearing aid

There are three modes for general hearing aids to be selected by the user:

1, simple tinnitus masking function

2, simple hearing aid function

3, a mixed mode of tinnitus masking and hearing aids.

The tinnitus hearing aid is a tinnitus masking solution that combines hearing aids, sound therapy, educational counseling, and personalized masking therapy.


Tinnitus masking therapy does not actually eliminate or reduce the tinnitus itself, but only weakens its perception. This kind of therapy requires long-term treatment in a step-by-step manner. Eventually, the brain adapts to the sound. The patient is no longer annoyed by it. It is no longer because tinnitus affects one’s life and work. The tinnitus is cured.

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