The difference between hearing aids and glasses

We all know that when we have myopia, we will choose to go to the optical shop with glasses, and then there will be a series of procedures, as well as hearing aids. Our ears are not well-healed. When hearing loss is naturally accompanied by hearing aids, thenWith hearing aidWhat is the difference with glasses?

Many people know that glasses need optometry, but they don’t know that hearing aids need professional fitting. Those who buy a hearing aid on the Internet feel that the effect is not good. There are many people who suffer. I have met a parent before. He knows that his child’s hearing is not good. He went to buy a hearing aid online. The result is of course unsatisfactory. It took a long time to lose it. He said that the voice is getting bigger. But still can’t hear clearly, especially those who have a bigger voice, it is really noisy, so they are lost. When I went to the hospital for examination, I realized that the original hearing aids were also required to be fitted.

With glasses

weHearing aid fittingThe process is the same as the glasses. First check in the audition. The hearing aid must be strictly selected. If the hearing aid is not debugged, there may be a mismatch with the wearer, but it may cause the wearer’s Hearing impairment.

So what I said before is the same point, what is the difference?

After the glasses are finished, we will finish, although they will have a long after-sales warranty time, but in fact you will go, the glasses are dirty, you have to wash it, you still have to run and wash it once, and now our glasses The lenses are basically made of branches. They are generally broken and not too bad. If you lose a pair of glasses, we will just re-match them and will not look for such troubles after sale. .

However, the hearing aids are different. For the hearing aids, the fitting is successful. It is just the beginning. The most important thing for our hearing aids is the after-sales maintenance. The hearing aids need to be debugged many times in the initial stage, not to say that they are finished. At the same time, hearing aids are high-precision electronic products. In case any small parts are damaged, they must be repaired. The general hearing aids are guaranteed.2During the year, there will be differences depending on the product.

Hearing aid selection

This is why we have always stressed that we should not buy hearing aids online. The hearing aids bought online are basically unable to guarantee after-sales service. Once there is any problem, you can only get the store to repair. To maintain, you have to go to those places, you know that the store is charged accordingly. In the fitting center or the store, as long as the warranty period, it is free maintenance.

Finally, when we have problems with hearing in our ears, we must go to the hospital for examination in time, and then go to the fitting center to choose a hearing aid. It can’t be delayed. It will only lead to further decline in hearing.

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